Advance Oboes - YOB-841

The YOB-841 features an 'open' bore configuration optimized to match 'American' style reeds. This inner bore shape is complemented by tapered tone-holes with conical undercutting for a dark silky tone with a focused center. This model was developed in close cooperation with the principal oboists of some of America's top orchestras. Third octave key and king-rosewood body are available on request.
Product Code: YOB-841
Brand: Yamaha
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Handworked keys

Skilled artisans braze and adjust all keys on Yamaha oboes by hand to optimize the balance of each individual instrument

Newly designed, highly polished bore

Excellent intonation, tonal balance, and resistance

Hand-tapered, undercut tone holes

Precise, even intonation and response

Nickel-silver bell ring

Increases effective density of the bell for improved response and tone

Philadelphia D key

An extra screw that permits fine adjustments to the high D for improved tone and tuning



Included Accessories
YAC OBC-830II Wood case
YAC OBB-830II Vinyl oboe case cover
YAC 1007P Cork grease, round box
YAC 1053P Oboe swab
Optional Accessories
YAC 1003P Key oil
YAC 1004P Bore oil
YAC 1070P Thumb rest cushion

Specifications of Advance Oboes - YOB-841

Level Custom
Key of C
Key System Full Conservatoire
Bore Style American
Octave Keys Semi-automatic
Mechanical Features Left-hand F key; Fork F resonance key; 'Philadelphia D key'
Upper joint material Grenadilla
Lower joint material Grenadilla
Key Material Grenadilla
Plating Silver
Tone Holes Undercut with conical uppercuts
Thumb Rest Fixed